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If you are like many chiropractors, you bang your head against the wall wondering if you will ever be able to get your free time back! We did too! We are experienced million-dollar chiropractors showing you, actually apprenticing you, on our EXACT systems that have continually brought in 18-25 new patients PER WEEK (every week).

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Did you know that 82% of ALL chiropractic business owners make the same 7 mistakes that cause 8 out of 10 new patient prospects to not accept care.

We are the Chiropractic Business Academy…not a ‘management group’ and not your mom’s cousin’s friend with some handy business ideas…we have been there, done that, tried this and tried that.  Our organization is a business ‘mentoring’ group with workshops, webinars, staff training, massive chiropractic marketing, the list goes on and on….basically we walk you step-by-step through EXTEMELY successful business strategies that bring in LOTS of New Patients, show you how to Close 75-85% of your Reports and how to Work Less IN your practice! (how is that for our 30-second informercial?)

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  • How to train staff to take ownership in their jobs and so they actually PUSH YOU OUT of doing the 100’s of things you feel like you have to do everyday.
  • Exclusive videos on business models of chiropractic…do you want to be 1) a really good boss and the primary doctor?…2) a really good boss acting as CEO and having adjusting doctors deliver the goods?..or 3) a good CEO operating multiple offices with doing the adjusting, simply guiding the expansion and growth of your empire?  We actually are Really Good at developing all 3 of these.
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